In early June, designers, artists and enthusiasts ascended upon Copenhagen for the annual Design Fest, where they “presented their newest ideas and products, and shared their thoughts on the future of Danish Design.” Kasper Iverson of Houzz highlighted a list of his favorite trends following the event, from color to furnishings and finishes that are “certain to find their way outside Scandinavia.”

The Joy of Missing Out

The article outlines Arlien Søborg, a noted design trend analyst and lifestyle expert, who says “after being constantly accessible and online on numerous platforms for a few years, we now feel the need to slow down the pace and pull the plug.” It is certainly easy to feel the need to pull away from it all, a desire that can be achieved at Friday Harbor Estate, an unparalleled land portfolio of 38.72 fenced acres in the famed San Juan Island archipelago. Unwind in an 11,686-square foot main residence that blends interior and exterior living spaces, designed around entertaining while preserving the owner’s pursuit of privacy. Though the estate feels remote, the private moorage and one-hour seaplane flight from Seattle make it easy to return to the grid.


Singular Color Schemes

Another hot trend are rooms that offer a singular color palette, which interior designer Tine Mouritsen says “can become a refuge from the modern world” as our media-driven lives make us “long for surroundings that are simple and clean.” The choice of color depends on the mood one wants to evoke within the space, as Mouritsen adds that green is a more natural and botanic feel, whereas blue can evoke a feeling of safety and brighter white offers serenity. In a home like Mercer Island Craftsman, a neutral beige palette transforms the formal living area into a true retreat, as careful restraint creates a Zen harmony with stunning views.


Return to Tradition

Iverson says a recurring theme from the event was “bringing back traditional craftsmanship,” whether in design style or in using traditional materials such as leather, metal, stone and wood. This is the case at Peaceful South End Waterfront, an estate that unfolds itself in a masterpiece of three structures. The main residence offers extensive stone and woodworking upon entry, as a grand staircase meets marble flooring and walls to create a classic timeless home.


Animals Animals Everywhere

The final notable trend is the role of animals in design, which emerges in a variety of ways, from the pattern of a piece of furniture to the artwork that grace’s a residence’s walls. Iverson adds that “Holmstead Olesen revealed to the Houzz Nordics team that animals’ role in Danish design will be the focus of an exhibition at the design museum next year,” so this trend will certainly be explored with more depth in the coming months. Chapel Lane Estate offers an array of distinguished rooms that incorporate animal designs in a variety of ways, from leopard patterned rugs and decorative elephants to a library filled with canine portraits.


Want to explore the full list of Danish design trends to watch? Read the full article here.


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