With the sunshine out and flowers budding around every corner, springtime in Seattle is the ideal time to organize, de-clutter, refresh, and renew. Here are five simple things you can do this spring to spruce up your home.

1) Add a Touch of Greenery

Indoor plants have many health benefits, but they also instantly enhance your space. Find unique or colorful planters for a seasonal feel, and place throughout your home in a striking way. For a fun design idea, try lining each shelf of a bookcase with plants, bringing the outdoors in.

2) Get Bar Smart

The bar cart is becoming a household staple, adding a lively feel and enticing guests to stay awhile. With an abundance of ways to organize and style your bar cart, you can also utilize it for easy access to dishes, silverware, or even office supplies.

3) Experience Bookshelf Bliss

It’s amazing how far a little de-cluttering will go for some peace of mind. Start with your bookshelves and all of its papers, knickknacks, and random tidbits. Then, style your bookshelf by bringing in thoughtful statement pieces or interesting accents.

4) Dream On

Consider repainting your bedroom this season with a new color to help you sleep. Imagine the time when you have had your best sleep: Was the room’s color light? Was the space dark and cave-like? Think about the hue and the mood, and consider a color that will have you sleeping like a baby. Perhaps splurge on new luxurious bedding while you’re sprucing up the bedroom.

5) Light It Up

A great, quirky light fixture can focus a space, becoming the centerpiece of the room while setting the mood. Find something that will make a dramatic visual impact, something that’s playful and sophisticated simultaneously, and stands out in color or shape.

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