In recent years, the Seattle area has attracted new residents in droves. The booming job market, nearby outdoor amenities, and relatively affordable cost of living has many considering our region the most desirable for relocation. Can you blame them? With Amazon and Microsoft  regularly making huge business moves (not to mention Starbucks, Facebook, Google, T-Mobile, Expedia, REI, Apple, etc) the job market is consistently flourishing.

In a recent Workforce Report from LinkedIn showing moving patterns across the United States, Seattle’s population growth is coming from San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago (with Los Angeles and Boston not far behind). Recently, Seattle took the title for fastest-growing big city in the country, with it’s population passing 700,000; and adding more than 1,000 new people every week. The study found that quality of life is often one of the biggest reason for moving. However, many positions are becoming more and more challenging to secure. Jobs in cloud computing, programming, and software development are all excessive relocation. Meanwhile, qualified applicants in healthcare management, teaching, sales, accounting, and finance are the sparsest.

An article on the Economist speaks to the strong connection between Silicon Valley and Seattle. “…In recent years the Seattle area has become a complement to the valley. Some even argue that the two regions, though 800 miles apart, are becoming one.” But the fact that Seattle and it’s suburbs are less than a fifth the size of Silicon Valley, has created a much different business culture. The article also denotes the lack of state income tax as being a huge draw for those from the valley. Many “Valleyites” are actually living in Seattle and still working in California. The number of these commuters are minuscule compared to those who move to live and work here full time; but nonetheless, a very interesting trend to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile, those interested in moving to the Seattle area should be sure to read up on all the things you should know about our beloved city. Are you or someone you know relocating in or out of the area? Contact us to help you get prepared!

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