Kirkland, known as The Little City That Could, was recently recognized as one of the 2017 Great Places in America from the American Planning Association. Since their redesign to include updates to the “corridor’s aging sidewalks and water main,” the city aims to create a pedestrian friendly community.

Kirkland was specifically noted by the American Planning Association for its ingenuity when updating Park Lane. A problem the city faced when updating Park Lane was replacing the water main. Instead of uprooting trees to replace the waterline and repaving the sidewalks “the city of Kirkland decided to boldly reinvent Park Lane in the style of an “American woonerf,” after the Dutch word that translates roughly to “living street.”

Known for trendy restaurants, art galleries, stunning beach parks, and public art, Kirkland is a thriving community and a fun destination for locals and tourists alike. The newly updated sidewalks “promotes walking and biking over driving with its woonerf-style design and 100 percent paver surface, abundant street furniture, and parking hoops for cyclists, as well as multiple art plinths for rotating art exhibits.” The new improvements are slated to bring an influx of customers for local businesses.

Kirkland “is a city and community like no other,” if you are ready to look for a home in the Kirkland area, contact me today!

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