It’s holiday party season, which means that unless you are the Grinch, you definitely have some social events on your calendar in the coming weeks. A recent 425 Magazine article reminds partygoers that no matter the function, “etiquette dictates it’s proper to show your appreciation by bringing a gift for the individuals who have graciously invited you into their homes.”

With holiday shopping already taking up time in your mind and wallet, it can be difficult to know what to bring, but these few easy tips courtesy of 425 Magazine offer the perfect starting point:

The Gift Must Suit the Host

Take the time to consider something the host will truly enjoy because thoughtfulness is key when it comes to gifting. As the article says, “you wouldn’t want to bring a monogrammed barbecue toolset for a vegetarian, or a bottle of wine for someone who doesn’t drink.”

Don’t Expect the Host to Open the Wine

Wine can be an excellent go-to host gift (provided they don’t fall under the non-drinking category mentioned above) but it’s important not to place an expectation on the host opening the bottle during the event.

Flowers Best Come in a Vase

Hosting a holiday function means the residents will have a lot on their plates, greeting guests and keeping things running smoothly. While flowers can be a beautiful gift to bring the host, consider placing the bouquet in their own vase or Mason jar to alleviate stress, or even just arrange the flowers on your own when you arrive.

Think Different

Some parties come up quickly without much time to plan, but take advantage when you have more time to consider something unique. “Consider a potted plant in an elegant pot; specialty food items like olive oils, fancy nuts, or jams; items for the home (especially the kitchen) like hand-painted dish towels, monogrammed mugs, or a personalized cheese board.”

Spend What’s Appropriate

A host gift should be well thought out, but beware of the price tag, as “anything that costs an exorbitant amount of money” might make the host feel that he or she “owes” you. Choosing something “personal but inexpensive” is best.

Re-Gift with Caution

Most people are guilty of “re-gifting,” and today it is “a common practice, but it’s also generally frowned upon.” If the item you’d like to bring your host is a “re-gift” it is key to practice mindfulness regarding who gave it to you, ensure it does not appear used in any way, and be sure “it’s something you know the recipient will enjoy.”

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