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A recent article in Multi-Housing News reveals Seattle has been deemed the best residential market in the US. The website ranked large cities based on their potential for “long-term growth, equity and profit for investors.”

A total of 300 cities, with a population of 300,000 or more, were assessed on the health and affordability of the real estate market as well as the economic environment. The cities were ranked one additional metrics “included home-price appreciation, average number of days till a house is sold, share of underwater houses, foreclosure rate and the city’s ratio of rent price to sale price. Broader economic metrics included population growth, job growth, unemployment and underemployment rates, and median credit scores” and given a score out of 100 points.

Additionally, smaller cities of 150,000 people or less were also assessed. Coming in as one of the top 10 best cities for the residential market was Bellevue, WA. While both cities ranked high in the residential market, MHN points out “a top ranking doesn’t mean a place is especially inexpensive.”

These results should come as no surprise to Washingtonians have seen the Seattle economy boom over the past few years thanks to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Additional statistics from The Seattle Times reveal the high demand for housing in Settle. According to the article, “Seattle-area prices rose 2.6 percent — also by far the fastest growth in the country and more than three times the national average.” If you are ready to find your home in Seattle, Bellevue, or surrounding areas, contact us today!

In recent years, the Seattle area has attracted new residents in droves. The booming job market, nearby outdoor amenities, and relatively affordable cost of living has many considering our region the most desirable for relocation. Can you blame them? With Amazon and Microsoft  regularly making huge business moves (not to mention Starbucks, Facebook, Google, T-Mobile, Expedia, REI, Apple, etc) the job market is consistently flourishing.

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In an article published June 15th, Jon Talton of The Seattle Times discusses the Tech Cities 1.0 report, which ranked Seattle 6th among the 25 most elite technology hubs in the United States. The results of the report are important in a city such as Seattle, given that “real-estate investors and site selectors pay attention to analyses such as this” when making critical investment decisions.

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The Tech Boom’s impact on the economy and housing market in the Seattle area is receiving increasing recognition, as national news outlets are now weighing in on what the Emerald City’s future may hold. Most recently, Nick Wingfield of The New York Times reported that “Seattle, in Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul,” saying that Seattle leaders are no longer looking at San Francisco as a model to live up to, but as a “cautionary tale” to avoid.

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