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It’s holiday party season, which means that unless you are the Grinch, you definitely have some social events on your calendar in the coming weeks. A recent 425 Magazine article reminds partygoers that no matter the function, “etiquette dictates it’s proper to show your appreciation by bringing a gift for the individuals who have graciously invited you into their homes.”

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Last week, mayor Tim Burgess and city councilor Rob Johnson released Seattle’s Housing Affordability Rezone Plan, which will loosen restrictions on the height and number of units a developer may build, in exchange for offering affordable housing options within the project or paying into a city-fund to support affordable homes. Curbed Seattle broke down the exhaustive document, which is set to go for review at the City Council over the next couple of weeks with possible implementation by this time next year.

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Kirkland, known as The Little City That Could, was recently recognized as one of the 2017 Great Places in America from the American Planning Association. Since their redesign to include updates to the “corridor’s aging sidewalks and water main,” the city aims to create a pedestrian friendly community.

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The Seattle market has continued to thrive and drive up home prices in and around the Puget Sound making it harder for some buyers to purchase a home. A new startup wants to help you buy a house in Seattle, but there is a small catch.

Loftium is a new company that seeks to help eager home buyers purchase 50 homes in the Seattle area by helping with the down payment. For those who do not have enough money saved for a down payment, Loftium can help buyers in the competitive market.

The catch – home buyers who opt to use Loftium must sign a contract renting a room on Airbnb for a specified time and turn over the majority of the income from Airbnb to pay back the company. Contracts can range from one year up to three years. For more information on Loftium, read the full article HERE.


A recent article in Multi-Housing News reveals Seattle has been deemed the best residential market in the US. The website ranked large cities based on their potential for “long-term growth, equity and profit for investors.”

A total of 300 cities, with a population of 300,000 or more, were assessed on the health and affordability of the real estate market as well as the economic environment. The cities were ranked one additional metrics “included home-price appreciation, average number of days till a house is sold, share of underwater houses, foreclosure rate and the city’s ratio of rent price to sale price. Broader economic metrics included population growth, job growth, unemployment and underemployment rates, and median credit scores” and given a score out of 100 points.

Additionally, smaller cities of 150,000 people or less were also assessed. Coming in as one of the top 10 best cities for the residential market was Bellevue, WA. While both cities ranked high in the residential market, MHN points out “a top ranking doesn’t mean a place is especially inexpensive.”

These results should come as no surprise to Washingtonians have seen the Seattle economy boom over the past few years thanks to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Additional statistics from The Seattle Times reveal the high demand for housing in Settle. According to the article, “Seattle-area prices rose 2.6 percent — also by far the fastest growth in the country and more than three times the national average.” If you are ready to find your home in Seattle, Bellevue, or surrounding areas, contact us today!